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    Red Rail Rivalry Mustangs vs Heritage Friday, Oct. 25th 7:00pm



    We Earn Everything Every Day!
    We Will Execute Mustang DNA!
    We Will Be The Toughest In Texas!


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    Do you have questions about the photos? Or perhaps you didn't receive an email with your players photos?
    Send an email to with the following information: GHS Mustangs, their team (Freshman, JV or Varsity) and jersey number. The Shabay team will be happy to offer guidance and assistance. 

    When will I receive the FOOTBALL PLAYER BUTTON that I ordered?  
    Thank you so much for your patience. The football player buttons will arrive on either Friday or Saturday of this week. If they arrive Friday, they we be available to be picked up at the BBQ cookout after the inter-squad scrimmage on Saturday at 11:30a. If they arrive on Saturday, I will run them by the school and the kids can pick them up from Coach A on Monday. Either way, you will have them before the Argyle scrimmage next week.


    Mustang Nation,

    It’s hard to believe that it is already week 8 of our season.  Our program 9th-Varsity enjoy an overall record of 28-8 on the season.  Our coaching staff is having a great time coaching your sons as we experience daily success and adversity.  This is such a fun time in every football season. Playoffs are approaching, the temperature is dropping. However,  some players tend to grow weary of the daily grind of being on a schedule for the past 11 weeks. This is where our role as coach and parent become so critical.  We must partner together to have a unified message to “finish strong”. The life lesson of being resilient is invaluable and we have an opportunity to teach our boys this practical lesson. Let’s also partner together and encourage our boys to not accept “good enough”; instead, expect excellence from themselves and finish the race! 

    Rivalry Week
    Monday through Thursday our job will be to prepare well mentally and physically, eat well and rest well.  The rest of the student body will do what they do but it is not for us. We will be ready to play Friday.  

    Coach Alexander
    #NoFear #Team100

    Freshman Weekly Information From Coach Dillard


    Mustang Nation,

    Thank you to everyone who came out last week to Polk Middle School to support the freshmen teams. The Red team got their first shutout of the season beating Newman Smith 41-1, bringing their overall record to 5-2 on the season. The Blue team got their fourth shutout of the season beating Newman Smith 35-0, improving their record to 6-1 on the season.

    This week both teams will play host to Colleyville Heritage. The Blue team will play at 5:30pm and the Red team will play at 7:00pm. As we prepare for Colleyville Heritage our DNA trait that we will focus on is Discipline. We define discipline as striving for excellence in all that we do.  

    Your son has worked hard on their grades during the first nine of the school year. Please continue to communicate with your son the importance of maintaining their grades.

    Thank you for supporting your son in so many ways.  Our team cannot reach its full potential without your encouragement and support.

    Coach Dillard 


    We have quite a few volunteer spots left for the SPIRIT SHOP and to sell the FRIDAY NIGHT GUIDE at this Friday's game. 


    Why Sleep is Important by Tiffany M. Phillips, M.Ed, LAT, ATC


    I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be talking about my favorite topic ever….. SLEEP!

    On the rare occasions I’m not at work, there’s a very solid chance I’m spending that time sleeping. It is my favorite past time. Though I enjoy it for the rest, sleep also provides an immense amount of restoration to the body. If there is one key to recovery for the body, it would be getting enough sleep.

    Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to reduced reaction time, decreased pain perception, decreased immune and inflammation function, decreased memory and learning cognition, decreased concentration, poor execution of tasks, decreased appetite, and altered mood. That’s quite a bit of alteration for something as simple as sleep! This is all because the body uses the time we sleep to restore cells from that day and prepares the body for the next day. When we decrease that time, the amount of healing and preparation occurring lessens. It’s like taking our phone off the charger at 50% charged, yet expecting it to last all day like it was fully charged.  When we look at all of those things, they’re going to have a large effect on any person, nonetheless a teenage athlete. These factors causing sleepiness during awake hours could possibly put an athlete at a predisposition to an injury. 

    How much sleep should they be getting? Minimum 8 hours. Sleeping less than 8 hours, especially multiple nights in a row, puts the body in that deprived state. We are fooling ourselves if we think we can function properly with less sleep than that. Though you may feel “normal” in a deprived state, that is your body not performing other functions in order to keep you awake.

    Ensuring we’re getting quantity and quality sleep can be hard sometimes though. Below is a list of a few things that will help the sleep process

    • Routine- go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day

    • Limit afternoon caffeine

    • Avoid screens before bed

    • Time management- get day tasks finished in a timely manner and prioritize the rest

    • Eliminate distractions- TV, sound, light

    PS, though these ARE great things to keep in mind for our teenagers, they’re also great to keep in mind for ourselves. This is applicable to everyone. So as I always say…. Let the people sleep!

    As always, thank you for letting me care for your boys!

    Go Mustangs,


    Andrew Marr is a husband, father, Retired Special Forces Green Beret, entrepreneur, and best-selling co-author of TALES FROM THE BLAST FACTORY: A Brain Injured Special Forces Green Beret’s Journey Back from the Brink. His book is being turned into a full feature documentary titled Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain by a two-time EMMY award winning director to include a three-time academy award winner contributing to the production efforts as well. He co-founded Warrior Angels Foundation and the Millennium-Warrior Angel TBI Network.

    In his spare time Marr can be found pursuing his MBA at Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School. He lives with his wife Becky the love of his life and their seven children in the Los Angeles area.

    Click HERE to visit to learn more about Warrior Angels Foundation and Traumatic Brain Injury.

    What:    Breakfast of Champions 
    Where:  Field House Varsity Locker Room (Hwy 26)
    When:   Friday, Oct. 25th at 7:15 AM SHARP!!
    Who:     Varsity Team & ALL the men of Mustang Nation! 
    Cost:      Bring 5, 10, 20 healthy breakfast items for players &  coaches!! No donuts please.


    We are looking forward to continuing the Breakfast of Champions tradition with VARSITY TEAM 100 and ALL DAD'S and MEN OF MUSTANG NATION.   It's a special time to share a morning meal, be inspired by our very own Coach Alexander and a special one-of-a-kind keynote speaker, as they address TEAM 100. 

    This leads to a special moment when all the dad's and men of Mustang Nation has the opportunity to shake hands with each player, look in their eyes and share words of encouragement and wisdom for the game ahead.

    Breakfast of Champions is a moment you will not want to miss that only comes around during football season. Take advantage of these special mornings to inspire and be inspired, to encourage and be encouraged or just to be quiet and reflect on the minute, hour, day, month, year that is before all of us.  

    As BOC is for the Varsity Team your son does not have to be a Varsity player for DAD'S to attend. 

    See you Friday!
    #Team100 #NoFear

    Todd Miller & Jared Cowgill
    Special Projects Coordinators
    GHS Mustangs Football Booster Club

    Oct. 18 Breakfast with Champions Speaker: Dr. Robin Ryan

    BOC SPEAKER: CHRIS AVILA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Chris is passionate in his devotion to Jesus Christ. He’s had the privilege of traveling the world as a pastor, motivational speaker, and chaplain to over 250,000 youth. Chris has been helping people connect with God for over 15 years. His relevant and down to earth teaching style has made him a sought after speaker for camps, churches, pro athletes, entertainers, and conferences. Born in New Jersey in a struggling family of three, Chris learned the importance of having faith. Through many setbacks in life, especially losing his mother at the age of 12, Chris was determined to make something out of his life. His mission is to impact and inspire coaches and athletes of this generation to make ethical and moral choices through their lifetime based on Biblical truths to impact the culture. Currently Chris resides in Ft.Worth, TX. He’s a husband to his best friend and wife Kristina, and father to two girls Mayah and Aria and one son, Diego. Chris loves sports, movie popcorn, white cherry slurpees, working out, traveling, and hanging with his family.

    Bio - Jay Barnett

    Jay Barnett is a former professional athlete, best-selling author, and high impact speaker who's generated countless success stories and has transformed hundreds of lives through his mentoring and leadership.

    After winning two state championships with the Mustangs, Jay was a standout performer and four year starter at Tarleton State University and ultimately went on to earn a spot with the Green Bay Packers in 2006. After his time with the Packers, he played 2 years in the Arena Football League with the Tulsa Talons and Tennessee Vipers.

    Today, he runs his own mentoring company, JBarnett Enterprise, which trains young men to be both physically and mentally strong.

    Visit to learn more.

    Richard Bartel - GHS Mustangs Football Alumni

    Richard Bartel has been the lead quarterback instructor for the NFL Prep 100 Series since 2012 where he has developed quarterbacks nationally as part of an NFL-led initiative to mentor elive level amateur talent. He is one of two former NFL quarterbacks selected by the NFL to participate in the program.

    After a highly-acclaimed college career at Southern Methodist University and Tarleton State, Bartel spent six years as a quarterback in the NFL with a number of teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and most recently the Arizona Cardinals. Prior to that he spent four years in professional baseball in the Cincinnati Reds organization.

    Click links below to learn more about Rich Bartel.
    Richard Bartel - Quarterback Ranch Bio
    Richard Bartel - Wikipedia


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